Sunbeam: A Center for Children with Disabilities
Sompa 5a, Jõhvi, Estonia

“We can not do great things, but we can do small things with great love.”
Mother Teresa

The Estonian Methodist Church, the local church of Jõhvi and the Jõhvi municipal government are collaborating to establish a program for supporting children with disabilities in Jõhvi and Ida-Viru County.

This partnership has resulted in the creation of the Estonian charity MTÜ Puuetega Laste Tugikodu Päikesekiir (NGO Sunbeam).


Sunbeam, located on Sompa Street in a former kindergarten building in the city center, is available to all eligible children with disabilities. Sunbeam supplies home-like care in a safe environment and provides a variety of support services to children and their families.

Mission Statement:

NGO Sunbeam provides children with disabilities in Ida-Viru county with opportunities for interaction with other children, establishing friendships and expanding worldviews through comprehensive developmental programs.

Every child has an inherent unique hidden talent, which, like the sun’s rays light up when given the opportunity to shine.


• Provide child care services to children with disabilities and their families in Ida-Viru county
• Support the developmental needs of children with disabilities, both at the center and in-home
• Provide parents and care givers the opportunity to rest, study and work during the day
• In collaboration with local schools, support eductional activities
• Provide support servcies to parents, including counseling and training

Motto: Sunbeams Every Day!

The Sunbeam Board of Directors includes:

Arthur Põld – Board Chair, Pastor of the Jõhvi Methodist Church
Michael Cantrell – Executive Director of Stoneworks International
Andres Toome – Architect and city planner

Please visit our American partner, Stoneworks International, for more information in English.

sompa 5a spring 1 Sunbeam

You may download the Sunbeam Brochure here: Sunbeam Brochure (English).