Welcome to Our New Leaders

The board of Sunbeam has recently hired the executive staff for the organization.

Liana Põld (below, front L) has accepted the position of Executive Director. In that role, she will oversee all the operations of the organization, including building management, international relations and programs. Sunbeam is now more than a center for children with disabilities; the building is a multi-function ministry center that encompasses a variety of activities.

Ursula Randlaine (front C) and Jelena Shevnina (front R) will be the program directors of the center for children with disabilities.


Andres Toome (back L), Artur Pold (back R) and Mike Cantrell (taking the picture) are Sunbeam board members. Here is an organizational chart to help clarify the structure (click to enlarge, or download a copy here):

Sunbeam Org Chart Sunbeam   Welcome Our New Leaders

The work continues on the building. Right now, much work is being on the electrical, water and ventilation systems. We’ve installed new sewerage and water lines and upgraded the heating system.

As you can see, the new walls are up and things are taking shape!

sunbeam apr 3 001 Sunbeam   Welcome Our New Leaders

sunbeam apr 3 004 Sunbeam   Welcome Our New Leaders

sunbeam apr 3 Sunbeam   Welcome Our New Leaders

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