It’s A Sign

It really is. We have a new sign for Sunbeam:

sunbeam sign Its A Sign!

Here are some pictures of the recent work on the plumbing system. It ain’t pretty, but it’s really useful:

sunbeam apr9 004 575x1024 Its A Sign!plumbing above the ceiling

sunbeam apr9 002 Its A Sign!

We’re replacing all of the systems in most of the first floor — heating, electricity, water, etc. Very soon the ventilation system will go in this same space, then we can close up the ceiling.

And here is a picture of the main entrance. You can see in the ceiling the marks of the old walls that were removed to create a more open space. The new walls are up and waiting to be finished. We’ll also install a glass door in the place of the current green steel door.

sunbeam apr9 003 Its A Sign!

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